Yemeni broadcasters go digital with German help [Archives:2008/1159/Local News]

May 29 2008

By: Ismail Al-Ghabri
SANA'A, May 25 ) Yemen's Media Training Institute recently held a new course on digital production in cooperation with the German government-financed Deutsche Welle (DW) Akademie from May 10 through 21.

Deutsche Welle is a leading media training facility for radio and television professionals in Germany and those countries with German broadcasts. It has trained some 20,000 broadcast specialists from Eastern Europe and developing countries worldwide.

Some 12 male and female participants from Sana'a Broadcasting, Aden's Channel 2 Broadcasting and local broadcasting in Sai'wn and Ibb participated in the course, which demonstrated the basic uses and techniques of digital technology.

The course introduced newer, more technologically advanced digital recording devices to participants, training them so they can become digital media trainers within their own organizations.

Petra Beiner, a media trainer from the German organization, noted that this is just one of several different future training courses her company has planned in conjunction with Yemen's Information Ministry.

“We're interested in seeing Yemeni women participate in these training courses,” Beiner commented, adding, “We've planned to send them to Germany to receive training in media, broadcasting and how to use digital devices.” Gerda Meuer, head of DW-Akademie, said her organization's visit to Yemen is designed to improve Yemeni media, particularly television and radio, as well as support training and qualifying mechanisms already in place here.

According to the agreement between Germany and Yemen regarding the media broadcasting training, Meuer mentioned that there are some scholarships available to members of the Yemeni mass media that will enable them to visit Germany for further studies and training.

Meuer added that while visiting Yemeni television and radio stations, she both noticed and appreciated the role that Yemeni women play in media organizations. She also noted that there are German scholarships available specifically for women participating in this field. By the end of their visit, the German representatives had met with Yemen's information minister, the general manager of the Yemeni TV and Radio Institute and the head of the broadcasting sector to discuss further collaboration in this field.