Yemeni Community Association in Manchester [Archives:2005/898/Letters to the Editor]

November 28 2005

Ali Mohammed Al-Lijee
[email protected]

I am the Vice Chairman of the Yemeni Community Association in Manchester, United Kingdom. I have also been a regular reader of the Yemen Times newspaper since the days of Prof. Dr. Abdul Aziz Al Saqqaf (May he rest in Peace).

We established the community centre just over a Year and a half ago, & have developed a number of activities for the youth & elderly, we have also established a school for the children & elderly & have just recently received a further round of funding (GBP140,000) from Barton Fare Share.

We would be interested in featuring in an interview with the Yementimes therefore to increase the awareness of the YCA in the Manchester area & we have a lot to tell on the future development we have in line for the centre.

I await your kind reply, & keep up the good work at the Yemen Times; I remember I use to look forward to picking up my paper on the Monday in Yemen to read the latest news in English, now hopefully we can feature in it.