[Yemeni Congregation for Reform (Islah)] [Archives:1997/39/Press Review]

September 29 1997

News Review: 1) 100 MPs abstain from parliament session because of disagreement on policy of admittance into Police and Military academies 2) Rejected by Islah MPs, parliament ratifies agreement for $80 million loan from World Bank to support Social Fund 3) Religious security personnel in Aden are ordered to shave their beards by superiors – prison for disobeying. 4) Dean of Agriculture College, Sana’a University resigned unexpectedly leaving behind many unsolved problems. 5) Islah charity distributes 60,000 school bags to needy school children. 6) Forcible eviction of residents in Caltex, Aden, continues – military personnel fire in the air and use bulldozers and tear gas 7) Upon meeting Hadhrami delegation, the President and Parliamentary Speaker emphasize keeping Hadhramaut united. 8) 17 school teachers dismissed in Badbada, Mareb, for unjustifiable partisan reasons. 9) 3rd book fair is opened in national library, Al-Qasr Street – to remain open until 8th October. ý