Yemeni Democratic Forum Set Up [Archives:2001/24/Local News]

June 11 2001

Various political organizations, parties and civil society institutions held extensive negotiations recently to form a new organization called “The Yemeni Democratic Forum”. The forum is to ensure transparency and fairness in the upcoming elections in 2003. It has also the objective of promoting the democratic practice in the Republic.
In a report distributed last Sunday June 10. 2001 by the Yemeni Institute for Developing Democracy on the establishment of the new forum it was mentioned that the Yemeni Democratic Forum was brought about as a result to ensure legal conditions and conducive political atmospheres to have free and fair elections. The forum aims at active participation in promoting the democratic awareness and enhancing reforms in the country, it added. People who assembled endorsed electing the Foundation Authority of the forum which composed 27 members headed by Abdulrahman Mohammed al-Hamdi, brother of Ibrahim al-Hamdi, Yemen’s ex-President. They also viewed the newly formed authority as transitional and temporary indicating that the forum was to complete establishing its framework and establishments as soon as possible. It has also to hold its first general conference in accordance with its bylaw so as to elect its authorities, endorse its documents and draw out policies in a democratic way. They also stressed that these measures should be achieved before the end of the transitional period.