Yemeni disabled are a way from official employment [Archives:2007/1064/Local News]

July 2 2007

SANA'A, July 1 ) A parliament report, focused on the activities of the care and rehabilitation fund for disables, indicated that the Yemeni disabled who have university degrees will not have priorities in the employment in the fund offices.

According to the report, though the fund needs those qualified disabled who have degrees which suit its requirements , the fund won't be able to employ them.

The Yemeni law allocates 5 percent of the total employment opportunities in both public and mixed sectors for the disabled who are qualified in different fields irrespective of their capabilities.

The report added that the fund doesn't get its private revenues which are mentioned in the law since 2002.

In the recent study supported by The Yemeni Supreme Council of Motherhood and Babyhood and prepared by the researcher Ajetahad Ali Abdo indicated that the registered number of Yemeni disabled are 379924.

The study relied on the recent data of the Yemeni census in 2004 which indicated that disability is more prevalent among males than females. It mentioned that about 56.6 percent are disabled males, while 43.3 are females.

According to the study, Taiz governorate has the highest rate of the disabled, having about 52016 disabled. Hodeidah, which has 48398 disabled, is the second. While Al-Mahra , Marab, and Shabw are the lowest governorates in terms of disable cases.

It is worth-mentioning that disability spreads to great extent in rural areas because of many social and health reasons such as relative marriages which cause many diseases.

Weapons and mines are other reasons for increasing disability among males, estimated 88.9 percent of the cases are due to carrying weapons and about 83.6 present of them are due to landmines. While oldness is the main reason for female disability which reaches 56.3 percent among females.