Yemeni-Gulf technical team prepare for donors’ conference [Archives:2006/965/Local News]

July 20 2006

SANA'A, July 18 ) A joint technical Yemeni-Gulf team, delegated to prepare for donor countries' conference due to be held in November in London, approved yesterday, July 17, in its meeting held in Al-Riyadh, a number of procedures relative to the conference.

The team discussed the donors' conference's program and the working papers due to be submitted to the conference. It also discussed the roles and tasks to be shouldered by the Yemeni government and Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, the conference's sponsors, as well as the participating countries.

Furthermore, the team discussed the media plan and promotions for prior to and during the conference.

Dr. Yahya Al-Mutukal, Deputy Minister of Planning and International Co-operation and head of the Yemeni delegation, declared in press statements that the joint technical Yemeni-Gulf team discussed over two days the third five-year plan, the investment program and current preparations for holding the conference. He also said that they agreed on allowing Gulf funds to study the third five-year plan and the investment program in an integrated manner.

Discussions are to be finalized during the team's meetings due to be held in September in Sana'a. Al-Mutukal further said that the team agreed upon the importance of high-ranking officials' participation, whether from GCC countries, donor countries or international political and economic figures.

For his part, Dr. Abulaziz Al-Ouishig, manager of economic integration and studies at GCC and head of the Gulf delegation, said that the team's meetings have achieved great importance in discussing the Yemeni third five-year plan, development projects and investment programs.

He further confirmed that the meetings discussed monetary policies and Yemeni financial policies, in addition to the donors' conference agenda and accompanying activities.