Yemeni historian awarded [Archives:2003/682/Local News]

October 30 2003

Sana’a, Nov. 1- A great Yemeni historian, Ismael Bin Ali al-Akwa, has been recognized by the Islamic Research Center for Culture, Arts, and History affiliated to the Istanbul-based Islamic Conference Organization in Turkey.
His award is in appreciation for his efforts in preserving and maintaining the Islamic heritage.
In a ceremony held in Istanbul, al- Akwa was given the prize by the Turkish Vice President, Abdullateef Shez.
The Islamic News Agency said that last week that the 83-year al- Akwa is one of the most imminent Yemeni historians, a man who dedicated most of his life in historical authorship, paying careful attention to the Islamic heritage.
Al-Akwa’s writings could enrich the Arab’s culture with the most valuable references such as, the Yemeni Aphorisms, (2 volumes), Islamic Schools in Yemen, Nashwan Bin Saeed al-Himyari and the Dogmatic Intellectual Conflict and the Rasulids State in Yemen.

Among the major researches conducted by his are the following:
– Distinguished Islamic Antiquities in Yemen.
– Intellectual Heritage of Yemen’s Bygones and Present
– Yemen’s Tribes Genealogy and Historians’ disagreements over it.
– Sana’a and its Historical Monuments.
– Yemen’s Damps.
– Sana’a on the Part of Historian.
– Arabs’ use to Names, Nicknames and Surnames.
– Ancient Yemeni Languages and its Links to the Classical Arabic.
– Turkish Words Used in the Yemeni Vernacular.
– Sana’a Turkish Baths and Its History.
In addition, a number of other publications have been written by the author such as, Yemen’s States & Its Tribes for the Judge, Mohammed Bin Ahmed Al-Hajri.