Yemeni Hotels Union’s 1st meeting held [Archives:2004/741/Local News]

May 27 2004

Ismail Al-Ghabiri
The first meeting of the Yemeni Hotels Union was held last Monday at the Taj Sheba Hotel in Sanaa. The meeting was inaugurated with the slogan “For the establishment of a unified professional framework for Yemeni Hotels.
The meeting signaled the achievements of the 5 year old Yemeni Hotel Federation since it was established on 16 February 1999.
The Chairman of the Union, Mr. Alwan Al-Shaibani, said the efforts were exerted to eliminate the problems and obstacles faced by Yemeni hotels and find ways to promote tourism and hotel service development throughout the country.
“Noting the fact that tourism is slowly picking up after the stagnancy noticed in the last three years, we are committed to work as one team toward improving the conditions of the hotel and the tourism industry in Yemen.” he said.
Mr. Mohamed Fadla, Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism, also gave a statement in which he praised the efforts of the private sector to invest in tourism, which he said the government is committed to encourage in all ways possible. “We are aiming at achieving full partnership with the private sector through several initiatives that would create a suitable environment for the tourism industry to operate smoothly in Yemen.” he said.
The meeting also included the election of the board of the federation and included representatives of hotels from various governorates throughout Yemen.

Strong Recommendations
The event was concluded by recommendations to enhance tourism security and stability, which will help improve the overall situation of tourism in the country, to improve the environment for tourism investments, to work on implementing regulations issued concerning tourism facilities and institution, and to reduce the burdens and fees related to tourist visas at Yemeni embassies throughout the world and at Yemeni airports.