Yemeni Jews [Archives:2006/919/Letters to the Editor]

February 9 2006

Deen Gollani
[email protected]

I am a fan-reader of Yemen Times. It is an absolutely wonderful newspaper that covers much of the on-going affairs of Yemen. I was born and raised here in the United States to Yemenite Jewish parents. We still have a strong sense of Yemenite tradition. I would like to know, is it possible that Yemen Times could make an article dedicated to the Yemenite Jews? I am not sure how many there are left in Yemen, but some figures put it at 600-1,000. I have been to Yemen and I simply could not leave it. Because of my profound love and amazement of the land and people, I stayed another month over my expected return to the States. I personally share with many of my friends here and elsewhere. But, we would appreciate it if more articles could be brought up and written about Yehude Teymen, or Hebrew for Yemenite Jews.