Yemeni journalists to cover Kuwaiti elections [Archives:2003/646/Local News]

June 30 2003

A Yemeni press delegation is heading today Monday June 30 to the State of Kuwait in order to cover the elections of the Kuwaiti Nation's (Umma) Council which is to be held on July 5.
It is worthwhile mentioning that the democratic experience in Kuwait has started in the 1920s when the Constituent Assembly was first established.
The Kuwaiti Nation's Council has 50 members representing 25 electoral constituencies.
No political parties have been yet proclaimed, but there are political blocs practicing their political freedom openly in Kuwait.
On his part, Kuwaiti Ambassador to Yemen, H.E. Yousef al-Onaizi emphasized the role journalists play in bringing a true image of the democratic experience in Kuwait and witnessing the election process openly with no restrictions whatsoever. The ambassador expressed his hope in a successful coverage of elections by the Yemeni journalists.