Yemeni Judge tragedy [Archives:2006/917/Letters to the Editor]

January 2 2006

Nabeel Alabadany
[email protected]

It is very sad to hear such a story: “a judge being threatened to get killed in the middle of daylight”. I'm not really surprised of what happened, but I am very sad and mad that such a thing takes a place in a country where there is a government and supposedly laws, rules and regulations. What can I say at this point? We really have been saying and talking a lot. So enough talking and start raising a big sign with a big writing and post it all over the country, everywhere and in every street of cities, towns and villages. Enough is enough. Let's say it loud so that every body can hear it. We do not live in a jungle where any one can threaten and kill any body anywhere in the country without being punished very severe punishment. We would like the president of the country and all the people in charge in the government to say it loud with us “we all want to build our country the right way so that all Yemenis can live a decent and peaceful life” PERIOD.

Let's make our slogan for this year to be:

“Enough talking. Let's start doing”..