Yemeni Life Makers [Archives:2007/1065/Local News]

July 5 2007

Nisreen Shadad
SANA'A, July 3 ) The International life makers Union Meeting was inaugurated officially on Monday July 2, under the custodianship of the Prime Minister Ali M. Mujawar with a maxim ;Together We Make Life. Mujawar praised life-makers foundations, which is represented by Amr Khaled; a Muslim activist and a preacher, a place of qualifying youths as well as exploiting their potentials.

The first thing Khaled stated in the conference is the Life Makers foundations' vision, “The aim of our creation, as Allah stated in the Holy Qura'an, is building the earth and improving the society. This call is not specified to the members of life makers, but for mankind,” said Khaled.

Unfortunately, many people instead of interesting in building the society, they begin to conflict with each other, according to Khaled.

There are two reasons for holding this conference according to Khaled, “The first is to present four flourishing projects; one of them is in small projects; in economic field, the second is fighting drugs; in heath field, the third is training and developing skills and the last is in technology.”

“Because these projects have a great success, we want to present them and repeat them in the other countries,” he added.

“The second reason is to establish and discuss the framework of the International Life Makers Union, which we announced its establishment two years ago,” he continued.

For six months the international union will be in Yemen, according to Khaled. Ali Muhammed Gobari, the general manager of Gobari Investment group and the director of Life Makers forum, “Yemen is the only country that host Life Makers founders to put their dream true and establish the International Union. However, Yemen will be the main center for the International union for six months only, them they will move it.”

“We refuse Yemen to be a transition, we demand headquarter of the union to be in Yemen. The Arab league was established in Cairo; therefore, it was headquartered in Cairo,” Gobari added. “Any international union's place of establishment is its headquarter,” he commented

The participators were from Jordon, Lebanon, al-Bahrain, Sudan, Egypt, Yemen, Algeria, Morrocoo, Germany, France, Britain, and Swiss. One of the representatives of life Makers from Sudan said, “We came here to form a common vision for life makers' members around the world.”

Adding to that, many successful projects are going to be presented to exchange experiences and apply them in the other countries, “We came to know the idea of life makers existence from its founder; Amr Khaled. It is an opportunity for us to learn from the others' experiences. The idea of establishing International Life Makers Union will facilitate the coordination among all life makers' foundations projects which work around the world,” the representative added.

“There are numerous obstacles and problems all countries faced, therefore International life makers Union can find a unified mechanism and common solution to be applied in the countries. There are problems a particular country has, so that the union is going to work to find solutions that fit the country environment,” said Assia Aissat, a member of the Life Makers foundation in Algeria. “The preliminary meeting of this union was held in Istanbul, and now we continue in Yemen,” she added.

Nawal al-Sagheer, a member in Life Makers in Lebanon, said, “We are divided to six committees, and each one is interested in a particular field; human resources, Life Makers' members affairs, media and public relationships, central projects, as well as finance and training committee.”

The reasons behind selecting Yemen as al-Sagheer said, “This conference is supported by Yemeni government. It is a blessing that Yemenis have. In addition, Abdul Wasee Hayel Saeed Ana'am, is powerful financer. Yemenis got the peace and money to begin their projects, and I don't think countries have a similar power people standing beside them.”

Nabeal al-Sa'afi, the director of Life Makers foundation in Yemen, confirmed that Yemeni members are the highest number; since they are about 1100 members.

Mohammed Ubad, the Youth and Sport Minister considered this meeting as a loud voice against the darkness that the Islamic countries suffer from.”

Life makers' members are people adhering to their tradition and culture, and keep abreast with modernism, according to Ubad.