Yemeni security forces learn English [Archives:2008/1189/Local News]

September 11 2008

By: Khaled Al-Hilaly
SANA'A, Sept. 8 ) English-speaking expatriates and foreign tourists in Yemen can now communicate easily with security forces, thanks to the Ministry of Interior's initiative to equip their staff with essential language tools by sending them to the Frances Guy Institute (FGI), which is based at the Central Security Forces (CSF) in Sana'a.

Named after the last British ambassador in Yemen, Ms. Frances Guy, who welcomed the idea of establishing the institute and found support from the British Government to do so, the FGI provides English language and Information Technology (IT) training to the Central Security Forces (CSF), and a number of branches of the Yemeni Ministry of Interior such as the Counter Terrorism Unit (CTU), the Forensic Department, the Yemeni Coastguard and the Immigration, Passport and Citizenship Authority.

“The idea of establishing an institute specialized in teaching English was developed in tandem with the security sector's development initiative