Yemeni territorial waters under satellite [Archives:2003/642/Local News]

June 19 2003

An official at the Fish Wealth Ministry announced on Tuesday 10 June that the ministry would start soon applying a new surveillance system for monitoring local and foreign boats and ships fishing in Yemen's territorial waters.
Mr. Abdualhadh Naji al-Sama, Deputy Fish Wealth Minister for production services and marketing told al-Methaq newspaper Monday 9 June that an expert from the French company the ministry contracted with will be arriving in Sana'a to start from next week supervising the operation of the monitoring system in a two-month experimental period.
Al-Sama said the system small devices fitted to the boat or the ship and would send complete information on its location and method used in fishing. Information is thus sent via a satellite to a computer net at a main operation office in Sana'a which is connected with its branches in governorates. Upon this information it will appear whether the boat is violating fishing rules so that necessary measures could be taken against it. Mr al-Sama also confirmed that were some companies practicing random fishing and destroying the Yemeni fish wealth. The use of this system, he said, would help curb such violations and control fishing operations according to international agreements and laws.