Yemeni traditional Dress Unaccepted [Archives:2006/960/Letters to the Editor]

July 3 2006

Ali Sherif
[email protected]

I feel offended when traditional Yemeni attire is not honored. Our national garb is culturally rich and it has a place deep in our social milieu and heritage. My problems began when an Omani official guest, who happened to be my classmate during my college days abroad, invited me and others to watch a World Cup football match at the Moevenpick hotel. We were warmly received by my Omani friend, but one guest was rudely treated.

A hotel employee shamelessly mentioned that the management would not permit one of the guests, who was wearing traditional Yemeni attire, to enter. The employee was adamant about disallowing the man into the hotel wearing Yemeni attire, saying he was merely doing his job.

If hotel rules rule out the entry of guests clad in traditional attire, why wasn't this posted? These hotel 'rules' hurts our national pride and I will not compromise with whomever created these horrific rules.

I believe that the Ministry of Tourism should investigate this case to see if the hotel is operating in accordance with Yemeni laws.