Yemeni women on a show [Archives:2003/651/Local News]

July 17 2003

Abdo Moqbil Al-Sabiri
SANA'A_ A film titled the “Queens of Yemen” has been recently produced centering on Yemeni women's struggle, their wishes and hopes. It is entirely in Arabic and approximately 30 minutes long.
The film was showed in the residence of Mrs Frances Guy, the British Ambassador to Yemen on June 13.
The film show was attended by a number of Arab as well as foreign diplomats, dignitaries, media representatives and a host of others.
It belongs to Women's National Committee and was financed by the British embassy.
The film deals with women's' courage and persistence that leads each one of them to personal success.
“The film deals with positive things, such as, views of man and that the film has been produced by women and for women,” Mrs. Guy addressed the audience.
“The idea of the film came out of discussion between the Women's National Committee and the producers but also from an important workshop held during last Ramadhan,” she further remarked.
At the end of the show, comments on the film were made by the
audience and the producers of the “Queens of Yemen's” film.
Some scenes of the film were taken from hazardous state of women in rural areas.
The limited income of women in rural areas and that they receive low wages in comparison with their arduous work done.
Despite the fact that women in rural areas spend long hours working in fields, carrying water, collecting wood, grazing, bringing up children, preparing food, they still have strong determination and their courage was the main focus of the film in all its different scenes.
Despite of the deteriorating economic conditions, rural women could have had an opportunity to have access to education and employment