Yemenia Gets A+ on Performance [Archives:1999/18/Local News]

May 3 1999

The Tolouse-based Airbus Industries has given Yemenia, the national carrier of Yemen, high marks for on-time operations. “As of the end of January (1999), we are pleased to notice that the results of the last 6 months are reaching the level of 100% for dispatch and operational reliability, while for the last 12 months, it was ‘only’ 99.4,” wrote the producer.
In the congratulatory message, of which Mr. Abdullah Al-Muterreb, Marketing Manager of Yemenia, says his company is very proud, Airbus Industrie also pointed to “constant improvement of the technical department organization which has led GESAC to renew the COA (French CDN) by twelve months, instead of six months as previously. Such testimony will be reflected in higher market share.