Yemenis in Malaysia suffering [Archives:2003/642/Letters to the Editor]

June 19 2003

Saleh Ahmad Al-Hamassy
[email protected]

I'm one of the Yemeni postgraduate students in Malaysia. I think that all the Yemenis live inside Yemen hear about Malaysia as a nice country they hope to visit as tourists. That's good and I encourage them to visit Malaysia and they are welcome. But they should know that Malaysia is not cheap as they think.
On behalf of the students here I hope you can help us to find a solution for our problem. The high cost for living is a major cause of suffering for us. Our monthly scholarship grant is USD 350 only. You should also know that our scholarship is the lowest compared to other countries. Actually we don't want to live in luxury, but we just need the basic requirements for a decent living standard. No other grantee receives a scholarship less than USD 550 in Malaysia.
Somali students receive scholarships of USD550 while USD 1,600 is given to Libyan students.
We trust you and your help in publishing this letter and having our word hear are appreciated.