Yemenis manhandled by Omani authorities [Archives:2005/884/Local News]

October 10 2005

SANA'A-Oct.8-More than 40 Yemeni citizens were beaten by Omani authorities in the Omani boarders. A security source in he boarder cargo Port said, 'We received about 40 Yemeni citizens with clear signs of beating on their bodies.'

The source added that the citizens had infiltrated into the boarders two days before on foot into the Omani boarders. An Omani boarder patrol spotted them and they were detained for a full day, during which they were beaten, himulated and then handed over to Yemeni authorities.

Shura net sources said that the Yemenis tried to infiltrate into Oman accompanied by 17 children and 8 disabled in order to exploit them in beggary during Ramadan month.

The Yemeni labor is not acceptable by Omani authorities. They only allow Maharah people to cross their boarders to work in the Gulf countries. Other governorates citizens are not allowed to pass without a visa.