Yemenis protest Israeli aggression [Archives:2006/998/Local News]

November 13 2006

SANA'A, Nov. 12 ) Thousands of Yemenis took to streets of the capital protesting the massacres Israel is committing against Palestinians. They demanded Israel lifts the siege on the Palestine.

The demonstrators chanted slogans strongly denouncing the Arab silence toward Israeli aggression and condemning the Bait Hanon massacre. The march worked its way toward the UN Office, west of Sana'a, and submitted a letter of protest to the UN Resident Coordinator.

Through their letter, the angry protestors wanted the UN to exert pressure on Israeli officials to abide by international resolutions. They urged the UN to provide adequate international protection to the Palestinian people.

Chairman of Kana'an Society, Yahya Mohamed Abdullah Saleh, who is the son of President Saleh's brother, called on rights groups, peace organizations and Arab countries to bring Israel before the International Criminal Court.

He announced that a plane filled with medicine and medical equipment is due to fly to Gaza, in addition to a caravan of food to the West Bank. He wants the UN and the Red Cross to put pressure on Israel so aids can reach the Palestinians.

“The brutal massacre, which Israel commits in Gaza and the West Bank is part of a series of vandalism acts, the most prominent of which is the siege on the Palestinians,” said the Kana'an Society Chairman. “What Israel commits against the Palestinian people in Bait Hanon is a stigma on the forehead of humanity that seemed unable to stop such aggression.”

The Yemeni government urged the UN Security Council and European Union to intervene and stop the Israeli atrocities against the innocent Palestinians.

Yemen's representative at the UN, Abdullah Al-Saydi, described the Zionist massacres as “not only a war crime against the Palestinians, but also against the rights of all Muslims.”

He questioned whether the international community will react to the massacres against the innocent Palestinians.

“Israel exercises barbaric acts that are not justified by any logic,” added Al-Saydi.