Yemen’s growing refugee problem [Archives:2003/01/Local News]

January 6 2003

The year 2002 witnessed a growing number of refugees coming from African Horn countries to Yemen.
Staff General Mutahar Rashad Al-Masri told the 26 September weekly newspaper that Coast Guard authorities captured 1,700 refugees in the last three months alone.
Most are from Somalia.
Such refugees are often moved to Khaowz Camp, in Abyan governorate.
He said Yemeni authorities deal with such refugees on a humanitarian basis although this could cause an economic and social burden as numbers grow.
Those migrants are usually smuggled by unidentified boats and are mostly thrown in the sea for fear of Coast Guard which is still not strong.
A UNHCR office in Sana’a report had that rate of refugee influx to Yemen amounted to 10,000 persons a year, mostly from the African Horn and Somalia specifically.