Yemen’s location and the GCC [Archives:2004/713/Letters to the Editor]

February 19 2004

Yasin Yasin
[email protected]

This letter of mine is regarding the definition where Yemen is located geographically. I believe we don't need approval from anyone, we are where we are and no one can change the facts and the history.
The Saudi and the Kuwaiti leaders may say so, but they can not change the history and we don't need their approvals. What we need is honesty, dignity and faith in ourselves, that this people will come to us to join them instead of us running behind them. We need to build ourselves before we join anyone else.
We have nothing to show or to give in terms of education, economy and politics. We are far away from where they are, so let us do it ourselves and I'm sure they will come to us requesting to join them.