Yemen’s roads are death traps [Archives:2004/712/Local News]

February 16 2004

According to a report released by the traffic general authority last week, 66 people were killed in 189 traffic accidents throughout the country in just two weeks, recently.
Sixty nine of those accidents involved pedestrians, killing 23 people, while 23 more people were killed in crashes between cars, lampposts, barricades, rollovers, etc.
The accidents also lead to the wounding of 382 persons, most of them suffering from severe injuries.
The governorate of Taiz topped the list among all other governorates in the number of killed persons as 15 people were killed and 66 others injured in 26 traffic accidents.
This was followed by Hodeidah, where 30 accidents led to the killing of 6 individuals and injury of 58. Six people were killed in Hadhramout, 5 in each of Hajja and Ibb, and 4 in each of Sanaa and Dhamar.
It is worth noting that a significant number of victims are children below the age of 10 and elderly people.
Reasons behind such accidents are mainly speeding, reckless driving, ignoring traffic regulations, children playing in streets, bumpy roads with pits, and construction work with no proper signs.