Yemen’s way to get a perpetual membership in the Gulf corporation council [Archives:2006/917/Community]

January 2 2006

By: Sulaiman A. S. Alnasser
[email protected]

Over the past years which followed the Yemeni consolidation, Yemen have been drawing Avery serious attention towards joining the GCC.Yemen authority highlighted that by implementing certain roles and activities towards an indication of positive willingness. Thus, some of the Gulf States have drawn appositive reactions to the Yemeni initiations translated in Avery outstanding covenants which is suppose to be an approach to a full membership in the GCC. Besides, benefits which are generated in terms of trade, in this time which is considered as the semi initial stage in the period of the GCC and Yemen are very tremendous.

Although the Yemeni and gulf countries are moving towards a better coordination especially in the financial and security sectors. It is been observed that Yemen and gulf press are not playing their positive roles in motivating the coordination. In addition, there is clear diversification in the declarations and reports issued by unrelated sides to the issue.Meanwhile, the oppositions press should play its role in motivating the issue towards appositive result .The atmosphere of a free press in Yemen is required to be regulated in terms of justifications of media sources. On the other hand, the GCC presses are not taking into consideration the importance of the coordination between Yemen and GCC.

The last visit of the GCC main director to Sana indicates the demand for Yemen to be in GCC as far as the public of various nations is waiting for the issue to be in existence. In addition to what he mentioned about the exchange opportunities in investments. It's to be notified that, it's all about securing the future of the different nations where decision can be unified towards better sakes. Generations of the different countries should come to appoint where their futures are together secured and the past which had been forgotten and not to be redone because now there is an existence of a real corporation.

The Yemen waiting for the full membership in the gulf council should be done through a proper legalizations of the investment security and loyalty in the factors affecting the gulf region .Recent gulf countries have gone through Avery typical experiences of the incidents that affected the region positively or vice versa in the past, those incidents should have clarified the demand of unity between them and Yemen .Because it's the result that already drawn in the minds of the gulf nations. I wish for a prosper coming agenda that says Yemen is converted from semi membership to a permanent membership of the gulf corporation council.