YESLESS! [Archives:2006/1007/Community]

December 14 2006

Fuad Noman
[email protected]

God created this unique formation

Incredible Legendary Perfection

Beyond this non-ultimate universe

Physical brightness

With magnificent awareness

Out of harm's way

Always nontoxic and safe

On earth

The aggressive deadly nightshade!

Enormous destructive disarray

Souls in deep darkness

Venomous spiders

Poisonous vipers

Oh my Goodness!

Out of the blue

Red Spots

On my mattress

My Lord behold

A voracious Gory

Trying to challenge your glory

Spoiled the innocent space

Slapped the moon's face

In no place

We are still alive

Beside hope's mirage

Winning oblivion with nothingness

Time still hanging around

Exactly aimless

Our globe swivels round

And always feeling restless

Pain is countless

As the stars take to the air without wings

The light elongates to a masked face

Beauty dies in time

As my city buried lightless

Justice possesses loss of balance

It might stand up on two legs


Freedom is wearing no dress

Naked on streets

Walking mindless

Poor are starveling

Our permanent address

Bitterness is timeless

Yes, hopeless

Yes, useless

Yes, jobless

Yes, homeless

Yes, our value is always less

Never be God's bliss!

Of course

A negative powerful reflex

It is Satan's curse

Mixing endless conflicts