YHOC Fixes Holes [Archives:1998/29/Local News]

July 20 1998

Working under heavy military protection, Yemen Hunt Oil Co. engineers fixed the two holes at KM82 and KM94 on the pipeline.
Y.net: Improved Services
Yemen’s internet node (y.net) has seen improvements over the last few weeks. TeleYemen, the provider, carried out new enhancements, including replacement of old network modems, increasing access speed to up to 33.6 KBPS, upgrading of information software applications, and other steps that resulted in improved network performance. In addition, TeleYemen plans to expand its two access links to the UK and USA. The UK link, at 64 K and the USA link at 128 K will both be enhanced to 256 K each.
Some 1,500 subscribers use the y.net service.