YJS files sues PSO [Archives:2004/731/Local News]

April 22 2004

Yemeni Journalists Syndicate is undertaking preparations to file a lawsuit against the Political Security Apparatus, considering it to be the authority violating press rights through its illegal actions.
The lawsuit will include all judicial cases Yemeni journalists have currently and previously encountered at the hands of PSA, since Yemeni laws do not discard cases due to the passage of time.
This reaction of the syndicate comes following the case of the First Under-Secretary of the syndicate, Mr. Saeed Thabit. A judicial verdict was issued against him last Tuesday, banning him from practicing his profession, journalism, for a period of six months for publishing an article about the alleged assassination attempt against President's eldest son Colonel Ahmed Ali.
In response to these preparations, the Prime Minister has promised, in coordination with the Minister of the Interior, to find radical solutions and to put an end to the practices of the Political Security Apparatus (directly linked to the President).
This is considered the first reaction of its kind carried out by the syndicate board, elected in February of this year, which is now representing all political currents, instead of previous leadership affiliated only with the ruling party.