YJS honors Palestinian Ambassador [Archives:2003/658/Community]

August 11 2003

Sanaa, August 9 – The Yemeni Journalists Syndicate (YJS) held on Saturday August 9 an honoring ceremony for the Palestinian Ambassador, Yahya Rabah, who will be leaving Yemen this month after the expiry of his term in office.
In a ceremony hosted by Mr. Mahboob Ali, the Chairman of the YJS along with Mr. Ahmed Al-Humati Deputy minister of Interior, Mr. Rabah expressed his appreciation in his statement for the warm farewell ceremony held for him by YJS and thanked Yemeni journalists for their efforts in supporting Palestine. “Throughout my 14 years in Yemen, I have noticed the role played by the Yemeni press in enhancing Yemeni Palestinian relations and defending the Palestinian issue. I will never forget their good deeds in this regard.” he said.
On his turn, Mr. Mahbob Ali also gave a speech in which he indicated the important role of the former journalist and current diplomat Yahya Rabah in representing the Palestinian state and issue in the best way possible.
Mr. Al-Humati also praised efforts of Mr. Rabah in bringing Yemenis and Palestinians together and in working hard to connect the Palestinian and Yemeni press together in an unprecedented manner.
Mr. Rabah was then awarded YJS's coat of arms, and also awarded a symbolic award of appreciation to the syndicate.