YJS Hosts Civil Service Minister [Archives:2001/46/Local News]

November 12 2001

In a press conference, Yemeni Journalist Syndicate (YJS) hosted the Minister of Civil Service and Insurance, Dr. Abdulwahab Raweh on November 7, 2001. The Minister talked to the journalists about the recent administrative reforms to reduce the number of governmental posts, which totaled 64 thousand employees. “In Yemen there are 446 thousand employees, and the percentage of the university graduates doesn’t exceed 14 percent,” he said. He added that around 66% of government employees occupy specific Ministries such as Education, Health and Housing. The remaining parts are distributed to other sectors of the government. He added that the administrative reforms in the country exceed its technical and administrative capacities, mentioning that the government has adopted plans to reduce the number of employees through reactivating the role of the retired and eliminating repeated and imaginary names. He added that around 17 thousand employees are moonlighting and around 30 thousand employees are under false names. He stressed that the plan to stop moonlighting includes cooperation with the International Bank in the coming year at the cost of USD 30 million. This plan aims at recognizing persons through stamps instead of data, which is always modifiable and adjustable. In the press conference, Dr. Raweh pointed out that around 75 percent of the work force is found in the capital and the main cities of the Republic, while around 75 percent of the overall population live in the countryside. This entails redistribution of the work force according to the requirements and needs of people.