You are always welcome [Archives:2005/807/Letters to the Editor]

January 13 2005

Abdulwahab Al Sofi
[email protected]

I want to comment on the letter of Mr. Mohammad in the letter to Editor page on issue no 802 when reflecting his impressions about Yemeni people.

I would like to say to him: Thank you very much for your kind impressions about Yemeni people in Yemen Times newspaper issue no.802. What I would like to say to you that you only touched a simple part of our actual generosity. This is the least help we can provide our guests. We are naturally opening our arms for any person thinks to visit Yemen.

It is either for a visit or job, we are very glad to help. We are not only welcoming foreigners in our country but also we put them in our hearts. You are welcome. You are also very generous to say such an opinion. We are waiting for your opinions through your articles In Yemen Times. You cannot pour your love on others without getting a few drops on your self. The advent days are worthy to prove my wounded witness as a Yemeni.