You are not alone [Archives:2003/662/Letters to the Editor]

August 25 2003

G.S. Abullah, Germany
[email protected]

I have read your article and being accused of being 'anti American' and I truly understand your feeling because I went through that too.
I have seen and heard about worse situations in which Arabs and Moslems are insulted, but I believe we can convince those who insult us about our ideas in a peaceful manner and without getting angry at them. When we face them with a convincing and kind attitude, some of them get astonished and apologize, while others remain unfriendly.
Believe me, those who act irresponsibly in accusing others of 'anti Americanism' get fired from their embassies if they are discovered. Please note that such behavior exists not only in some Arab countries, but also in other places worldwide. Such people exist everywhere. Some are rational, while most of them are not.