You are wearing glasses too [Archives:2003/693/Letters to the Editor]

December 8 2003

Peter Irlenborn
[email protected]

I don't know what kind of glasses you are wearing but they are not allowing you to see the world any clearer than those of us in the USA that wear 'Rose colored glasses'.
You speak to the insinuation that 'Americans' do not see the rest of the world with clarity.
It seems that you rarely speak of anything but Yemen, Iraq, and Palestine. From my view, that is a very limited view of the world. What is your country's policy toward Mexico, Ireland, Taiwan or Vietnam to name a few of the concerns of the day.
Have you a position on the ramifications of the discovery of the DNA molecule on your rather stiff religious doctrine? We embrace these political and philosophical concerns and challenges, and look forward to further scientific discoveries so that they may help us in the continuing development of our ever changing culture.
When you have finally grasped the problems in your backyard, we will have leaped ahead again leaving you even further behind culturally and economically. Remove your glasses of whatever color now, and step away from your endless preoccupation with your tiny subjects. The world is bigger than you imagine!