You can change [Archives:2005/877/Community]

September 15 2005

By Sarah Khalid Al-Jindari
[email protected]

In the age between twenty and thirty you can do and make and change many things in this life. You can change things in yourself, in others and trust that you can change yourself from the inside and trust that you can be a greater person than old you and you can be successful if you want, even if you are among people who don't believe in you.

Make plans for what you want and you will achieve what you want. Believe that you can change your thoughts if they are unsuccessful or useless. In addition, you can change your bad habits if you have any. Put in your mind that you can do what you want and you'll do it. Don't say I'll try. Just say I'll do it even it is difficult.

Don't let your friends, your family or your parents affect you, don't let them affect your dreams or what you want to be in the future. If your parents who are the closest to you don't believe in you or in what you can do, and they don't trust that you can be a great person even though you have a lot of mistakes, don't let them affect you in what you want to be. Don't let them or anybody else let you down.

Change for yourself first. Then care about who are around you. Change for your future. You still have the time to change- to make a big change in your life and yourself. You have the time to be better than old you. Trust your abilities and you'll be successful. Change for yourself not for others.