You have it all wrong [Archives:2003/641/Letters to the Editor]

June 12 2003

Ann L., USA
I think you folks in the Middle East have it all wrong about the general population in the US. We are a Christian-founded nation that was born to end tyranny. We do not subscribe or even condone tyranny and we certainly would not let our government colonize another country. We would vote out the party that did such a thing. As humans, we are very loving and giving. I know right now that millions of people are donating their private money, clothes, supplies, etc to the people of Afghanistan and Iraq. I know that if our government would let us go and it was safer that many thousands of us would rush to get on a plane and go over and help those countries and others to rebuild and get out of poverty. We fear those who hate us and do not quite understand why they do. We want to love them and love on them with generosity. When immigrants come to our country they are given every opportunity that we natural born citizens have to succeed with the exception of becoming the President of the US. If it weren't for immigrants we would not have our nation. We are all born from immigrants with the exception of the American Indians. So, we learn to love and tolerate one another despite our differences. That is how the 9/11 terrorists were able to succeed. They were able to just move in and start a life. Many Arab people live in the US. They are free to worship in their own manner just as many other religions can. We may not ascribe to their beliefs but we usually respect them. No one in America can respect the hatred and violence demonstrated by any radical religion or political view that calls for killing, beating, chopping off body parts or any other cultish practices that hurt, kill or demean human beings. And by the way, the God I serve would never condone such behavior either. So why don't you spread the truth about Americans. Maybe a world that gets along loving one another and respecting our differences and agreeing on world behavior that disavows terrorism and guarantees good quality of life for all is what we need to develop; looking not to the past but moving on toward a positive future. Peace be to you all.