Young leaders’ conference winds up [Archives:2006/975/Reportage]

August 24 2006

By: Saeed al-Batati
[email protected]

After five days of intensive discussions, meetings, workshops, the first conference of young leaders came to an end.

“I'm happy with the declaration of this successful gathering .Now you are required to offer everything to your country,” said Hadramout's Governor Abdulgader Ali Hilal at the closing ceremony. The governor asked the audience to take lessons from the Japanese, Chinese, and Malaysian young people.

To keep the excitement for youth programs Hilal announced an initiative for a youth club with a contribution of YR400 million which will be supervised by Hadramout University and the Youth Association for Development and Creativeness (YAIC).

During the camp tomorrow's leaders took part in lectures and presentations from university staff, government officials and the private sector.

Canada's Nexen Petroleum was one of the representatives from the private sector and their two members brought positive messages for the present and the future.

“We would like to describe to the youth the opportunities the oil industry presents to the young people of Yemen. We also like the idea of meeting members of the local community to share ideas and items of mutual concerns. It is a great opportunity for us to meet and talk with our future young leaders,” said Nexen's Alan Phillips following the conference.

“My intention for coming here is to convey the scope of change to people's lives and to our world over the past few years. The world is radically different today than 20 years ago with changes in geopolitics, globalization of business, advances in technology, environmental issues and health.The world of tomorrow will experience accelerated change and the youth will be in the midst of -and drive -many of those changes. It is a time of dangerous opportunity and a time to be aware to make change,” said David Yates, also from Nexen.

For university staff there is more concern about the state of youth at the moment.

“Yemen is in dire need of such youth conferences which strengthen ties and bonds,” said Salim Bin-Qadhi, the Dean of the Seiyun Community College, suggesting these conferences are held annually and in different areas of the republic.

The participants have somewhat the same feelings of their teachers.

“This is the first time in my life to participate in a conference. During our meetings and workshop, we knew the features of the successful leader,” said Saleh Askul, who came from a remote area in Hadramout.

The conference lso gave girls a chance to participate actively in the discussion and play leading roles along with boys in arranging the conference.

“It really turned my life. Before attending the presentation of the lecturers I knew nothing about reproduction health and other important subjects,” said Entisar Omer, a member of YAIC.

The next conference of the young leaders to be held under the motto of “Youth for Development.”

At the end of the conference, the participants came out with the following main recommendations which were read by. Adeeb Hassan, the General Coordinator of the conference,

-Urge the government to implement the proposal of YR20b for youth projects.

-Welcome the inauguration of the Yemeni Youth Consultative Council which brings together young leaders from different governorates of the republic.

-Spread health awareness and activate the role of NGOs

-Support minor projects for individuals and families which increase their living standard.

-Promote education especially in the rural areas.

-Supporting and encouraging girls' education.