Your editorials make me laugh [Archives:2003/649/Letters to the Editor]

July 10 2003

Steve Stephenson
[email protected]

I love reading your editorial writings that supposed to be fair, yet are so anti-American, it makes me laugh.
How much right is right for America? In case you don't understand how it works here in America, we have these things called elections every 4 years.
In our last election, the republicans won (right wing), but the election before that the democrats won (left wing). In our next election, either side could win. We like to call this a democracy. Some countries in the Middle-East might want to give this a try someday.
Now I fully admit the FAR right wing here is a bunch of uninformed fools, but I do NOT place the current President in that position. In fact, if one forgets their bigotry and hate for just a minute, (come on you can do it) you would see that currently, and finally, ONE U.S. President IS doing something for the brothers and sisters in Palestine. His name is Bush.
Every U.S. President until the end of the world is going to support Israel, it's an unfortunate fact, I'm sorry to say you need to get used to that idea. I don't like that we do either. With that in mind, I'd rather have this “right wing” President actually doing something for the Palestinians, a President that has done MORE than ANY other President the United States has ever had.
We should NEVER had gone into Iraq, Saddam was the Iraqi's problem, not ours.
I truly wish the U.S. would strictly mind it's own business, and allow all Middle-Eastern countries to sort out their own mess. However, be glad about some effort being made in Palestine by this President.