Your “freedom” theories are invalid [Archives:2003/632/Letters to the Editor]

April 21 2003

Tom Holloway
[email protected]

Your columns never cease to amaze me. The slanted choice of words is also very interesting… “…it [Iraq] falls in the hands of the UK and US in this war.” Certainly it is your right to be suspicious.
One of your premises has to do with Iraq being forever indebted to the US for its “liberation”'.
As you can well see, France doesn't seem to be all that beholding to the US for liberating it in WWII.
So that theory doesn't appear to hold up too well. I don't think the US has much to say about what weapons they develop ) or who they sell nuclear reactors to for that matter.
Some mindless French thugs have even taken to desecrating British soldier's graves and painting swastikas upon them.
That's some gratitude.
You say: “The Iraqi regime that could be appointed after Saddam is gone, must be loyal to the US and UK, and must be in coherence with business interests. Hence, this regime will have to consult those countries on many things that may even be related to local political as well as commercial affairs.”
I say: just like France consults us, right?
You say: “After all, the Afghanistan example is clear. Its leader was appointed by the US directly out of orders from the White House.”
That's sounds pretty ridiculous… I haven't been keeping an eye on what is going on in Afghanistan but I am guessing that an interim government has been, yes, appointed at this stage but I would expect that there will be free and fair elections soon.
I think that it's way, way, way too soon to be using Afghanistan as an example. I think our using France as an example would even be fairer than that.
Here is one case where I totally agree with you:
“Freedom means that you can stand up against any unjust power and say “no!” “
Saddam Hussein was an unjust power… there is no question about that. The US/UK led
coalition of 49 countries will give the Iraqi people the freedom to stand up to Saddam's unjust power.
Without the might of the coalition, they are slaves to that horrendous regime with absolutely no freedom. Let freedom ring, true freedom.

Dear Tom:
We also said “no” to Saddam Hussein, or more than one occasion.
)The Editors