Your soul’s candle! [Archives:2007/1110/Community]

December 10 2007

By: Fuad Noman
[email protected]

To no end,

Clouds bringing the signs of blunder,


Within a long winter's slumber,

The dark hours creating my home's tangle.

Sometimes, my soul goes in anger,

For I am not a godly angel.

Before the summer's tour,

The sun's faintness sleeps on life's shore.

The buried ardor sense alters time's minutes

To an ice-covered essence.

In the pink spring,

Roses never shed tears.

Free birds still promenade

Around the blocked circle.

Untrue dreams ramble,

The trampled never grumble.

Love is a great tree

Reflecting our actual will,

Growing in the soul's root.

In time, it becomes stronger

As proof of its tasty fruit.

On our hearts' sill,

Our souls still own the control to till,

So my heart's logic can feel no ill

Forever and a day,

My soul's bird can warble


Recollecting in mind and thought

My darling's innocent core.

How to be brought

To my soul's peaceful court,

When I recall your beautiful soul

With your sprouted eyes

On my heart's cradle.

I feel a child's gentle smile rise,

Granting me a fabulous surprise

Brighter than the moonbeams,

Milder than the sunrise.

That is

The light of your soul's candle,

Aware of your true acumen.

So you are my great omen,

Thou art my marvelous rhyme,

Thou art my society verse.

My hope's light comes to pass warmly,

Awarding me the perfect path

Because thy soul is my just bliss.

My love's strength starts to sparkle,

Soothing my heart's firestorm,

So, my soul's joy flies delirious,

Its reflection grows great, funny

But sincerely serious

Within my lifetime's struggle.

Do not be afraid

To be my own and fate.

My heart's sense can't kneel down.

He would surrender only

For your soul's candle.