Youth column is needed [Archives:2005/847/Letters to the Editor]

June 2 2005

Ahmed Al-Awah
Chairman & Executive Director
[email protected]
Yemeni-Canadian Relations Council
Edmonton, Canada

I think the idea to establish a column especially for youth and by youth is a great idea. Some titles that come to mind at the moment are “Brave New Voices” or “The Free Zone”.

Last summer we organized a youth development conference in Yemen and your newspaper was kind enough to cover the event. For more information about the conference please visit:

At the end of the conference the participants adopted what has become to be known as the Sana'a Youth Action Plan 2004. Please advise if you would be interested in recieving a copy of the report. The report covered the youth's perspectives on the MDGs in Yemen and the role of each of the govt., UN and youth in achieving these goals in Yemen.

Youth are the most valuable resource of any nation and particularly in Yemen. Initiatives like the youth column by your newspaper are an encouraging step for all Yemeni youth at home and abroad.