Youth development conference contributes to development [Archives:2004/765/Community]

August 19 2004

Yasser Mohammed Al-Mayyasi
The 2004 Youth Development Conference, organized by the Yemen-Canada Cooperation Council, was concluded on Wednesday 12th August, in Sana'a. Some 130 participants from different parts of the country took part in the 5-day conference. The conference aimed at introducing the Millenium Development Goals, which include 8 permanent ones for pushing development forward, and decreasing poverty by 2015. The conference focused on the eighth goal, which is attaining international partnership to maintain development through the training of Yemeni youths in several management fields pertaining to Yemeni economic development. They are going to be trained by Canadian experts in leadership and teambuilding skills.
The conference also aimed at helping other segments in the Yemeni community that try to improve local development partnerships, and involve Yemeni youths in the development process in order to raise the level of Yemen.
Experts from Yemen, Canada and Britain gave a number of useful lectures.
The conference is funded by several Yemeni and Canadian companies and the local UN's offices, and Sana'a University.
The participants were selected according certain criteria such as previous involvement in development activities, and writing articles spelling out their opinions on the nature of the Millennium Development Goals.
Some of the participants were nominated by the World Bank and the UNHCR.
The Yemen Canadian Youth Council was established one and a half years ago. It is a youth organization seeking to strengthen relations between Yemen and Canada and participate in the social and economic development in Yemen and Canada, and promote cultural relations and dialogue between the two countries.