Youth Economic Development Initiative programHelp for unemployed youth [Archives:2005/831/Community]

April 7 2005

By Fahmia al-Fotih
For the Yemen Times

In cooperation with the Girls' World Communication Center (GWCC), the Youth Economic Development Initiative program (YEDI) has held a ceremony to mark the graduation of its first group of young trainees. The ceremony was conducted under the patronage of the minister of Youth and Sport Mr. Abdulrahman Al-Akwaa.

Ms. Kabul al-Mutawakl, the head of YEDI, gave Yemen Times a brief idea about the program “The program is called YEDI and it is run by CHF-international organization and GWCC-a local organization. The program started in last January We are targeting the youth who are not working either they have no job or they are not enrolled in schools or universities.”

“The idea of the program is just to give these youths a chance to find a job and have a better social economic life. We are targeting 500 person (girls and boys) and the training we are giving them is all about administrative fields; basic management, accounting, sales and marketing, Photoshop, business planning and development and business English, photography, journalism photography. The trainers all of them are local and we give them also training of trainers coming international experts. We give them a training how to be a trainer in such subject. This is empowerment for trainers”

Mr. Ali al-Hadheri, trainer, told Yemen Times “It is a great idea. All of us we have sisters and brother who are without a job and they don't have a chance to have special job. It is really different rather than universities and academic way. We focus on the practical transmit of most of topics. I have taught sales and marketing. Most new companies focus on the personal skills rather academic degrees, English and computer. The trainees were very active even the center is far from the city but they bear the long distance, as they want to learn. We do our best to lean them and if I get chance to help them in their practical life, I wont hesitate and I really cannot forget the management staff. They are helpful and open-minded.”

Ms. Iman Ali, trainee, expressed her happiness about her graduation form this program “I have a lot of benefits from this program. I get benefits in speaking English well and I have much about how to run a company and how to be successful manager. I would like to a professional businesswoman in future.”

Mr. Najeeb Kaid Abduallah, trainee “I am completely happy to join such a course. I have learnt a lot, to know about business and how to deal be a businessman and how to be a successful businessman and how know people from other nationalities. I think this will help us much in future to find a job. I am impressed by the different ways teaching that our trainers have in transmitting the information easily to the students. I need more courses like this. I'd like to be more qualified to find high-job vacancy easily.”

Mr. Fouad A. Gohery, coordinator of Canada Fund Development Program for Local Initiatives, said “The program in Yemen focuses on the local initiatives and development in Yemen as a whole. The program started 10 years ago in Yemen and we are trying to do in Yemen is mostly to help the underprivileged sectors in Yemen and woman, disabled.”