Youth of Yemen: What are they up to? [Archives:2004/741/Letters to the Editor]

May 27 2004

Yumna A.
[email protected]

The goal was broad: Achieving a better Yemen. The mission was impossible, and the obstacles too tough to scratch! But a little tangible spark was the glimmer of hope; the first step towards the goal.
Over many discussions, a few youths realized the importance of understanding the problem before solving it, and sharing the knowledge that they have. Their mission was to become the catalyst from which Yemeni youth would launch their hopes, and ideas. Less than two months ago a new idea was proposed by Adeeb Qasem, one of the members of the Yemeni Students Association Abroad online group ( This project, like many others, needed committed people to launch. Seven youths showed interest in administering the success of this project! What could seven Yemeni youth possibly do? They kept a promise.
Sticking to their commitment, the first issue of 'Shabab Yemeni' was released. This first issue provides us with a window through which we could peek in and observe the concerns of our Yemeni youth.
What can we do with this window of information? Let us be the support system for our youth to continue with their efforts; to combine their imaginations with their intellects and transform dreams into reality. Let us recognize that our youth are up to a lot of good. Let us water the seeds of hope!