Youths: Between qat sessions & internet cafes [Archives:2005/858/Reportage]

July 11 2005

By Eshraq AL-Bodigi
[email protected]
For Yemen Times

At coming of summer's holiday and at the end of the school year, what is coming to our mind is that how youth will spend their summer vacation this year? What they will think of? Which places they will go?

Many youth are starting to think in this matter and some not yet, however they leave themselves for purposeless, and date their points according to other's programs and inclinations.

Actually, few numbers of youth try to make special plans and programs for themselves with aim of utility and interesting at the same time, and that before starting to spend their holiday, while others do not think of it at all, as we see their existence in lanes of streets, Qat meetings, or Internet Cafes.

The main problem is not only the existence of those young people in these places, but the subject regards to the benefits' range of their appearance in such example; Internet cafe, pool hall, or electronic games' hall.

When a youth goes to waste his or her valuable time in an Internet cafe with the aim to chat, which has no important need or real goal, he or she never try to search for even a beneficial ward or sentence which may add to his or her information, cultural, historical, or traditional knowledge among all sentences that stays along to print on the computer's keyboard. He never try to create a topic which could push every youth and old people to discuss it seriously without diminishing of his mind but on the contrary of that it will add to his consciousness.

It is not wrong to stay in such places like these but it is so shame to ignore the advantages that some things had created for increasing to the human information and his knowledge in every field and scopes. It is so shameful that we cannot advantage from instruments or apparatuses like computer and Internet at this age, knowing that human had taken along time and spent so many years to create the computer in purpose of servicing the humanity or amusing the people by more intellectual and consciousness ways in other times.

I'm just asking myself, why youth do not go to these cafes for knowledge or even the cultural or entertaining exchange? Why they do not meet for playing chess game as an example?

I think if they do so, they will learn how to be more patient and in addtion to that, it will be able to open their minds up instead of waste more time with creating such lies and misuse their money and health.

Many youth spend their time in Qat meetings and waste their vacations in chatting instead of going to some trips, to have fun and see entertainment. In addition, they can hold a book in order to read, and benefit. Sure if they do, they will enjoy.

It is so important for those whom remain in the streets and hang around the lanes of markets to pay attention to their missing youth between all these false aims.

The usefulness of most attractive moments of life is the matter, which really deserves the attention, whereas supposed to feed the minds with all kinds of arts, culture, sciences, and polish the talents in all fields of our life. It supposed to emanate the health and activity out of all weak bodies.

We have to warn youth to start thinking carefully of how they will spend their summer's holiday. They have to think if they will specify time for entertainment, reading and knowledge, time for trips, for practicing sports and building their bodies, another part of time for polishing talents, and gain another.

Time should not go as the winds. Youth should stay as a burning fire's flame that generates the power and vitality, should stay as rain which follow down to grow the land and irrigate all creatures.

Youth should have their special program and places, for not only spend the time but also for entertainment, culture, habilitation, and reactivate the energy, and for starting a new year with full enthusiasm.

We are still asking ourselves, what should we have to offer for these youth in every year at their summer's holiday starting?

Special authorities have not started to organize some programs and trips for these youth, rather; it has intensifying their campaigns to try to pick up them from the reckless and futility swamps.

The special authorities should to pay more attention to youth, open special clubs, and make it in a large number especially in their summer's vacation, starting with polishing their different gifts, replacing the theaters and summer's exhabtitions instead the Qat Meetings and Chat Cafes.

It is necessary to gather the efforts of all official sides which care about youth future in this country and find new ideas to help the young and make them a youth generation that is able to go along with computer age, culture turn, and places of Play Station games.

Youth should build and create a real renaissance not only through their academic certificates or future jobs but also through all things that acquire even intellectual, physical, or entertaining.