YSP appeals to Human Rights Minister [Archives:2003/697/Local News]

December 25 2003

The Yemeni Socialist Party on Wednesday sent a letter of appeal to Minister of Human Rights Ms Amat al-Aleem al-Souswa on the anniversary of the World Declaration of Human Rights which Yemen observed last week calling for her to exert her efforts to realize the party's requests.
The YSP demands include the return of thousands of workers, employees and cadres, military and civilian to their jobs after they had been sacked or suspended since 1994 and to pay them back their legal arrears. Other demands include the setting free of three opposition members described as political prisoners in the governorate of Dhamar since 1984, to open investigations in circumstances of death of another prisoner in Dhamar prison in 1993.
The YSP also asked the minister to intervene for changing school curricula implying foment against the YSP, as students are taught that the YSP is traitorous, infidel and secessionist and that it is the cause of all ruin and backwardness the Yemen is experiencing and also to fix an official stand towards the fatwas that are still being issued against the YSP.
The YSP Secretary-General Ali Saleh Abad (Mukbil) who had signed the appeal letter said pursuant to constitution of the Yemeni republic and the government's commitments to international conventions concerning protection of human rights for safeguarding people's right to life and deepening affection and accord inside the society as well as strong internal front in the country, we confirm our party's support for any efforts exerted by the ministry an the government dealing with human rights to dignified life, work, security, stability and all that would lead to building a society free from violence hatred and enhancement of social harmony and peace in the republic of Yemen.