Zayidi Appeals to President [Archives:1999/04/Local News]

January 25 1999

Mr. Hassan Saeed Al-Zayidi, who has been imprisoned by Political Security Office since December 18th, has appealed to President Ali Abdullah Saleh asking for his release. In a letter to the president, Zayidi pointed out that as a final year student at the College of Journalism at Sanaa University, he has exams starting on 23rd January.
The letter also discloses that Hassan’s brother who came to look for him was also taken into custody. “In addition, there are five other members of the Zayidi clan who have been in prison for a long time and have not been charged with any crimes.”
The Zayidi clan has been notorious for kidnapping and blowing up of the YHOC oil pipeline which passes through their region. Hassan himself helped the German Berliner Zeitung journalist, Mr. Hamaiel, visit the four Germans who had been held in their region during the first half of December, 1998.