22 May 2004: the 14th anniversary of the unification of the country [Archives:2004/744/Opinion]

June 7 2004

By Abdulrahman Mohamed
CEO and Director-General
Yemen National Bank

May 22, 1990 is a day registered in the modern history of Yemen and in the history of significant development transformation. The declaration of the unification of the country and the announcement of the Republic of Yemen under one flag coincided also with the announcement of a new era in the path of development, democracy and political pluralism, which has tremendously influenced all sectors and fields in the country. The establishment of the Republic of Yemen has contributed in the creation of a viable investment atmosphere, in the attraction of local and foreign investment toward development and modernization projects, and in the constant ascending of revival rates of economic sectors with a noticeable improvement of modern services.
The anniversary of the unification is considered an important historical event. Since the unification of the country in 22 May 1990, fourteen years ago, several accomplishments have been achieved in the various fields at the state and society's levels. The foundation of the Republic of Yemen formed a practical transition and has set the way for broad horizons for a much-needed development and advancement renaissance as it is evidently shown in the southern and eastern governorates in comparison to the previous period under the former dictatorial regime. The accomplishments are not limited to the economic sector alone, but rather have reached the political, social and cultural fields, the professions and freedoms of the press, expression and human rights.
At the economic level, the unification of the country has assisted in attracting national and foreign investment due to the encouragement, support and facilities constantly provided to all kinds of investors by the political leadership headed by President Ali Abdullah Saleh.
The exchange sector achieved a tangible transition and major successes as it is patently clear, for example, the achievements made by Yemen National Bank at the local and international levels and the upgrade of its status worldwide to equal some of those banks in the Gulf countries.
The unification of Yemen is considered the paramount event to take place in the modern history of Yemen. The dream to establish the Aden Free Zone Project has come true as a direct result of the unification of the country.
On this precious occasion, I wish to convey my warmth congratulation to all Yemeni citizens and to H.E. Ali Abdullah Saleh, the President of the Republic of Yemen.