3/11 or 9/11Blood is not synonymous with Islam [Archives:2004/720/Opinion]

March 15 2004

The murderous attacks in Madrid that took the lives of some 200 innocent Spaniards and citizens of other nationalities deserve the condemnation of every human being of every religious persuasion, national affiliation or ethnic association. True and genuine believers in God Al-Mighty can find only the worst of terms to describe their disgust at the monsters that would take pleasure or find due cause in such horrible disregard for the sanctity of innocent human lives. One is bound to ascertain that such gory inclinations of sadism are surely an evil that is as distant from God as the wanton rape of innocent women in the name of ethnic chauvinism and all the other mindless crimes against humanity by individuals or groups that have a senseless appetite for spilled blood to nourish their demented egos. How can any cause whatsoever be served by such horrible displays of human psychotic derangement and what nourishment does the indiscriminate killing of normal human beings going about their daily lives provide to these madmen of our times, whoever they may be? For Moslems, more than anyone else, such bestiality is abhorrent, unjustified and goes against all the fundamental principles that have long established Islam as Divinely ordained dogma of unequal humane and humanitarian attributes. Any efforts to project it otherwise, be it by the hands of misguided Moslems, who have decided to mark their places in hell before even reaching the hereafter, and thus have absolutely no right to claim to be among the faithful, or by those who find their evil and rapacious interests served by the continuation of global conflict to energize their appetite for destruction and mayhem to promote those interests. Yet, it was with the quickest of speed that a lot of the media rushed to connect such maniacal atrocities to Islam, although the Spanish Authorities were quite adamant in suspecting their own long-time terrorist menace, the ETA, as the most likely perpetrators and were ready to dismiss any possible efforts to insinuate an Islamic “fiend”, by abandoned vehicles with “Islamic trademarks”.
Why? No one is exactly sure why this inclination by certain elements in the media to put so much heavy weight to alluding such crimes to Islam or Islamic activists, even before the full facts are known, except that there seems to be a clear desire by some well organized and highly sophisticated clandestine interests that see Islam or Moslems as the ideal scapegoat to unleash their own evil designs. The observer is strongly inclined to suspect that there is indeed a common evil point of origin for 3/11, 9/11, Karbala, Istanbul, Nejef, Baghdad, Quetta and even Dhamar, Yemen, which has frighteningly long reaches and channels of communications that cross ethnic, religious and social lines, with many of the evil forces that freely operate in this world. Never mind that these evil forces may hide behind seemingly genuine resistance cloaks or facades of struggle for liberation, but they are incensed by an ugly demonic spirit that has no legitimate foundations of any kind, religious, nationalistic or whatever. In fact, such demonic supposedly genuine advocacy forces have been harnessed by a more vicious and cruel force of omnipotent masters of intrigue, who will stop at nothing to further their greedy lusts, while the causes of the former, as legitimate as they may be have taken on the image of relentless hoodlums, whose only cause is blood for blood's sake and nothing else.
One thing for certain is that whatever hopes that those dubious forces, guided and led by Zionist hate mongers, who find it gratifying to regard Islam as the root of such ugly horrors as we have seen since the opening of this Millennium of Hope for mankind, will find themselves in the end exposed. Their cowardice and their evil intentions surface so plainly, that they will once again exonerate Islam from such kind of barbarity. Islam is far above such lowly sadistic cravings and its dogma and principles are well understood by most of the world's cultures as to be innocent of such unholy thirst for blood. Thus, the Spanish authorities, remembering the long history of peaceful and tolerant coexistence between Islamic civilization and Spanish culture, were right in making sure that the desires of those dubious elements that rely on fermenting global ethnic, religious and social unrest are not encouraged. It would be ludicrous to believe that these omnipotent international chauvinistic interests should readily fulfill their monstrous plans at the cost of the lives of so many innocent Spaniards and others. The international community should take heed of these hideous monsters that lurk somewhere in the back of these masters of death and destruction, providing them with the infrastructure and the media sensation they need to nourish their sadistic cravings. Let us not forget that these forces are the forces that make up the elements in the ordinances that produce such horrible scenes as we have seen in Madrid, Karbala and other locations. Furthermore they provide training and scientific nurturing to raise the misguided misfits that carry out these crimes under different flags and disguises. Yesterday it was Ireland, later it was New York, soon followed by the Iraq slaughterhouse and Madrid massacres. Mr. Bush your war on terror is a failing enterprise, because you have been a fervent backer of all the forces that stand to gain from a world enmeshed in bloody carnage. Your Zionist mentors will do America and the rest of the world a favor by forgetting that they can let others do their dirty work for them. They have managed to coax you and many of your misled constituency into believing, as was shown through a slogan on the back of the convention program in one of the Evangelical conferences you honored by your presence, which reads, “What Can 30 Million Evangelicals Do For America? Anything We Want”. That is also Zionist chauvinism disguised. Thanks God, we know that the majority of Americans and good people all over the world, of all religious persuasions are far from being of such a primitive demagogic mentality.