A boiling world [Archives:2007/1013/Opinion]

January 4 2007

The fighting between the Palestinians and all this bloodshed that has engulfed the region from the arid areas of Dharfur and Chad to the formidable mysterious killings in Iraq to the scaled up activities of the Taliban, notwithstanding the somewhat optimistic prospects of the Iraq Study Group, all indicate a clear failure of policy of the Global Superpower. For the last seven years since the Third Millennium began, the Administration of George W. Bush has energized conflict and persisted on pursuing objectives that fail to satisfy even the most minute of visionary idealists, who had hoped that the new Millennium would bring with it peace and prosperity for all of mankind. With the demise of the Bolshevik rendition of Scientific Socialism, many had though that the road is paved for lasting world peace with the passing of the Cold War into the dusty files of history. However, one now would be inclined to say, please bring back the Cold War, for at least there were ways to block or deter any major escalations of conflict and each of the antagonists was promising some form of idealistic justice that would hopefully alleviate the misery of the downtrodden of this Earth.

As 2006 draws to a close, we see that our brothers in Lebanon are beset by constant interferences in purely domestic politics. This interference in itself does not say much for the West, which has been preaching democracy and the prevalence of the will of the people. In fact this Western attitude is approaching an attitude of the “public be damned”, when it comes to not falling under the yoke of the domination of the world that the stubborn Evangelical dogmatists, their Zionist friends and the misguided Moslems fed by petroldollars, who have come to join them, are pursuing “at all costs” to mankind and to the sponsors of such imperialist venom. In Palestine, the West has shown its true colors of double-dealing when it says that it is all for early Parliamentary and Presidential Elections. However, the West seems to have forgotten that it does not want that in Lebanon, when the overwhelming majority of the Lebanese have clearly expressed that this is their hope and desire and have expressed in more than one civilized manner their hopes in this inescapable option for correcting the political ills of Lebanon. But when Zionism has become the dictator of Western policy, one can only expect confusion, double-talk and double dealing, not to mention the awesome financial catastrophes and misery to billions of people this demonic philosophy is bringing to the world. Does the West want Lebanon to return to pre Taif days, when militias took to the street in order to mark their place in the complex political set up that has yet to be truly reflective of the demographics and the political aspirations of the genuine Lebanese people, who are tired of being considered as easy game for international meddling? The excuse of Syria and Iran has become rather tiresome, since neither has really shown the evidence of evil that is often projected of them (even by their Moslem and nationalist brothers), nor have any of them been the harborers of the terrorism, which the West fears. In fact, the whole world knows where that terrorism was born and from where it is still being nurtured and fed. But we rarely hear any sign that the West is truly knowledgeable about where the enemies of world peace are to be found: in the steady sands of Arabia and in the leather chairs of the Israeli cabinet and the behind the scenes planning sessions of the International Zionist establishment, not to mention VP Dick Cheney's office.

So the people of Afghanistan, Somalia, Dharfur, Chad, Palestine, Chechnya, the Philippines, and probably soon Lebanon and other volatile hot spots, where these sleazy masters of deception and chaos have planted their venomous seeds of conflict and petty fighting for no real apparent reasons. This can only be seen as the logical pretext to keep the world engulfed in perpetual conflict while the masters of this unholy alliance of the masters of Zionism, Wahhabism and Evangelical dogmatism skim the cream of their bloodthirsty pursuits. God help mankind in the years to come, for with such an alliance carrying on with so much liberty and with all the means at their disposal, our children have very little to look forward to.

Hassan Al-Haifi has been a Yemeni political economist and journalist for more than 20 years.