A correctional movement the President leadsExpected change [Archives:2004/768/Opinion]

August 30 2004

By Prof. Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Tarb
For the Yemen Times

Yemen awaits impatiently for the coming reforms and change. Everyone predicts changes following the candid and transparent speech of the President on the occasion of the celebration of National Yemeni Day. The historic speech had set the Yemeni public up for a comprehensive change.
Despite the caution of some on the extent and scope of the expected change, and their suggestions that any change would take a gradual process, the change is imminent and probably inevitable, considering the intensity of talks on the importance of change. The decision could have been taken prior to the delivery of the President's speech on last national day.
What is more important concerning the demand and need for change is that it has evolved beyond the circle of the elite, intellectuals and those interested in the well being of the country, who had been insisting on reforms and change. The need and demand for the reformation has become the desire of general public. The President understands that the currently deteriorated situation which manifests corruption in all aspects of life, must be stopped and countered, through the adoption of a comprehensive series of measures, expeditiously implemented.
What is more interesting though is that there are ultra-nationalist writers and corporations, (including the Yemen Times which recently issued a booklet with title “Together to build the modern state of Yemen”), who care about this country and who express their concerns towards rooting out corruption. But, what concerns us here is that there is a unanimous consensus that corruption must be eliminated and combated, as it reflects negatively on the status of Yemen abroad.
The latest form of corruption was the unprovoked increase of prices on several commodities and consumer goods, and the dissemination of disputes between the legislative and executive authorities with and without a reason. This is an indication that comprehensive change and effective reform must take place to rescue the country from serious consequences. There must no illusions that Yemen can get away with evading change and reformation, or to implement ineffective reforms, which some people bet on, which would only lead to a very serious deterioration of the situation inside the country.
However, I lay my bet on the President, because of his political and national sense and his long applied expertise in governance amid very difficult conditions to feel the impulse of the Yemeni general public. Thus, change and comprehensive reforms are coming, not only to certain individuals, but also in policies.
Frankly and clearly, Yemen requires a correctional movement to be led by the President (because of his popularity) to steer us in this direction, towards genuine and essential political and constitutional reforms, that would be suitable for the stature of Yemen. The President would strengthen his position and credentials in history, after already overseeing the unification and its protection during the secessionist war in the summer of 1994.
If the President would commence that, it would be a political step of no less importance than his amnesty decree during the 1994 war, the pardon on the 16-black listed figures and to the latest decision to say “no to the imprisonment of journalists”.