A license to kill [Archives:2004/731/Opinion]

April 22 2004

Not that Israel would care the less about obtaining any international endorsement for the free operation of its killing machine, as this machinery has unabashedly relied on a systematic program of bringing death to as many Palestinians and other Arabs as an indivisible element of the creation and expansion of the Zionist agenda for the Holy Land. In fact, the modus operandi of the establishment of the Zionist State, as set out by many of Israel's “Founding Fathers” clearly dictate the necessity of using death for two fundamental reasons: to reduce the number of Palestinians or other Arabs remaining in the areas that Israel seeks to absorb in its territorial domain (Eretz Israel – from the Euphrates to the Nile), who have not been driven out yet; and to terrorize those Palestinians and Arabs who resist being uprooted from their indigenous homeland or make it plain to them that their ultimate fate is death, if they persist in the belief that they can arrive to their own independent state, that “will live side by side with their Israeli neighbors”. All one has to do is check out the history of this mutant state, from a cultural or historical perspective to see the several intentional massacres that were instigated to bring fear into the indigenous people of Palestine, Syria, Lebanon and the Sinai (Israel had no intention of leaving these areas unless the United States intervened to bring pressure on the Hebrew State to do so as part of a peace agreement it brokered, or when persistent effective resistance – a la Hezbollah – by the indigenous inhabitants forced them out).
Oh sure, the successive Israeli governments from Ben Gurion's onward to Ariel Sharon's misleadingly convey an Israeli desire to live peacefully with their neighbors and a token willingness to accept a “Palestinian State” beside Israel, although this willingness has never really been expressed with any meaningful convincing intent. Surely the gross mist5reatment of the Palestinians in the occupied territories never reflected any substantiation of such willingness. Thanks to well organized and misleading propaganda, most people are not aware that the creation of Israel, simply put is a product of international power intrigues and the forced displacement of the Palestinians. To speed up this effort, the Israelis relied on the available overpowering firepower they had to forcefully remove the Palestinians, with the killing of thousands of mostly unarmed innocent victims over the years to incite the rest to move away from the Israeli war machine (misleadingly called the Israeli Defense Forces) and later the Jewish settlers. One only has to look back at the demographic picture of Palestine eighty years ago and ask, how did this picture went through such a dramatic substantial change? Surely, the Palestinians did not sympathize with the “right of the Jews to a homeland” and abruptly left their homes and farms, without even bothering to pick up their belongings. But that is history. As communications made events in the regions disseminate faster throughout the world, the displacement or replacement drive was undertaken by other less subtle means, disguised under different alibis such as self-defense, etc. until the present “fight against terror”. For most of the years, the Palestinians relied on peaceful quests to be repatriated for all the misfortune and misery they had to go through to make room for the establishment of the Hebrew State. This went so far as to give up any claims for the loss, out of which the 1948 State of Israel was embedded in, and to be willing to accept the remaining land as a homeland for them, while hoping that the world will recognize their right to just compensation or the “right of return” for this clearly oppressive and unfair displacement, To date, this has been accepted as standard international legitimacy in any pursuit of a peace settlement of the “conflict”. Yet, Israeli settlements were aggressively implanted in illegally occupied territory after 1948, especially after the 1967 Mid-East War, which were nevertheless viewed as illegitimate by the international community, including the United States.
Enter Ariel Sharon as Prime Minister of Israel at the opening of the Millennium, which conveniently, but for sure, not accidentally coincided with the entry of George W. Bush to the White House with the Bushies-Evangelical (Crusading) agenda, pretty much throwing all policy considerations for the region, adhered to by the United States almost for half a century. It is worth mentioning that these more reasonable policy considerations, presented little difficulty in stalling the Zionist agenda from proceeding full throttle (Invasion of Lebanon, aggressive expansion of settlements in the West Bank, Gaza and the Golan Heights, suppression of the Palestinians, Lebanese and Syrians in the occupied territories and the vastly disproportionate use of force to quell minor civil disturbances in understandable protest against the occupation). With Mr. Bush completely entrapped in his “anti-terror” complex, the Israelis seemed to be the manifestation of how Mr. Bush has been waging his own anti-terror drives and found great favor in Mr. Bush's heart. In fact Mr. Bush insists the right of Israel to eliminate anyone or anything that stands in the way of Israel's “War on Terror”, which is no more than a disguised ethnic cleansing drive whitewashed with all the “anti-terror terminology that raise goose pimples in Mr. Bush's skin. Never mind that the rest of the world is completely awestruck by the affectionate love and coziness displayed by Bush to his ultra Zionist partner in Israel, Ariel Sharon. Even with the illegal assassination, arrest or enclosures of Palestinian leaders, Mr. Bush feels no moral discomfort in actually insisting that this is all within Israel's “right of self-defense”. As if the Palestinians should really have no gripes to move the heart of Mr. Bush at all and Palestinian rights never entered any of his proven limited vocabulary. So for all intents and purposes, it is understandable now that Israel will simply continue being Israel, but this time the White House has given it an irrevocable license to do away with any hopes of any genuine rapprochement with the Palestinians or for that matter the entire Arab World. The List of Martyrs will be indefinitely long.